Top 10 Football Skills in Urdu to Be Expert (Video Tutorials)

Football Skills in Urdu

Three of the best things about watching a football game are individual excellence, unbelievable skills, and unforgettable moments. Some of the greatest football players have come up with unique skills and astonished the opponent players during the game. So if you are trying to become a player, you must excel in these top 10 football […]

Football Rules: Fouls in football in Urdu

Football Rules and Fouls & Misconduct in Urdu

Football Rules – Fouls in football: If you are trying to learn football, you must know the rules and fouls in the game of football. In fact, understanding fouls & misconduct and the punishment caused by these acts will help you improve your game. So let’s learn what acts can be considered fouls and misconduct […]

Football History in Urdu – History of Football

Football History in Urdu - History of Football

Football History in Urdu- If you would like to read the history of football in simple Urdu language, please read this post to the end and eat up the most important information about football. فٹ بال، جسے ساکر بھی کہا جاتا ہے، وہ کھیل ہے جس میں 11 کھلاڑیوں پر مشتمل دو ٹیمیں، اپنے جسم […]

How to Play Football / Soccer? 13 Football Rules in Urdu

How to Play Football

How to Play Football? Learn the basic Football Rules in Urdu and practice with other team players. Football is one of the oldest and of course the most popular games in the world. You can check the level of its popularity during the football world cup where the top teams from all across the world […]