Why Synonyms Are So Important for Content Writers? Synonym Meaning in Urdu

If you see two different words with nearly the same meaning, both of them are synonyms for each other. Let’s check the synonym meaning in Urdu and English to understand it clearly. According to the dictionary, a Synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another word in the same language. What is […]

How to Become a Content Writer in Pakistan?

You might have heard the term “Content Writing” but like many others, you may also be confused about its meaning. IN FACT, A VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN PAKISTAN BELIEVE THAT CONTENT WRITING IS SOME SORT OF COPY & PASTE STUFF. Of course, they are absolutely wrong because content writing is much more than their […]

Content Writing Tips for Beginners to be an Expert – Read in Urdu

content writing tips to become an expert content writer

It does not matter if you are planning to start your career as a content writer or have already started. If you want to improve your content writing skills, these simple content writing tips for beginners will help you become an expert writer and build your career on a fast-paced track.    وہ سات کام جنکے […]

What is the Scope of Content Writing in Pakistan? Urdu Tutorial

Scope of content writing

In this age of smartphones, we write hundreds of WORDS every day in SMS, WhatsApp messages, and Facebook/ Instagram comments. Do you know you can really make money from every single word you write? Don’t be shocked! It is true and every word can pay you at least one rupee in content writing. Let’s get […]