What is a Blog, and Why Should I Start One

What is a Blog, and Why Should I Start One from Pakistan?

What is a Blog, and Why Should I Start One? Well, a blog is a kind of website and its full form is a weblog where varieties of posts are published on a regular basis. Unlike a website that is not updated frequently, a blog gets updates frequently i.e. daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending upon the niche of the blog. 

A blog follows an informal or kind of conversational tone and style for blog posts. There are a variety of topics that may be covered on a blog for example personal stories, tips, news, views and opinions, tutorial, teaching etc.  

Why should I start a blog?

Now the question is that “Why should I start a blog?” This is a pretty interesting as well as important question because I am going to spend some time creating something, I must know what kind of benefits I can get from there. Well, there are various good reasons to start a blog. 

Sharing of Interests: There are so many bloggers who simply started their blogs because they just wanted to tell people what they are interested in. Or they want to share what they know about their favorite things or their passions. 

Proving themselves as experts: On the other hand there are professionals who want to tell the other people what they are experts in. For example, a cooking specialist might like to start a blog and share his expertise with the readers just to let them know that he is an expert in cooking. In this way, you can connect with a large number of people who are also interested in cooking. 

A Blog that Works as a Personal CV or Portfolio: The third reason to start a blog is that in this way, you want to get professional or personal advantages. For example, if you have a blog covering SEO content writing topics, and you want to get a job in the same field, you can present your blog to recruiters who would judge your capabilities by going through some of your posts. 

Creating and running a blog successfully will help you improve your confidence and improve your professional writing skills. If you want to become a brand on the internet in your own field, you can frequently update your blog to better up your digital presence. This will help you engage new followers and customers. 

The most important reason to start a blog or a chain of blogs is that you want to make money with blogging. When you start a blog you can monetize it with Google AdSense or affiliate marketing links. 

So these are some of the most powerful ways to start and run a blog that will reward you as well.  

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