Tania Aidrus - The Emerging Face of Digital Pakistan

Tania Aidrus Resignation Letter Accepted

Wednesday, 29th July was another misfortune day for Pakistani nation. The visionary lady Tania Aidrus resignation letter was submitted and later accepted by Prime Minister Imran Khan. According to Dawn, Digital Pakistan Program’s Head stepped…

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Tania Aidrus’s Digital Pakistan Campaign – From Dream to Reality

Digital Pakistan Campaign – Dream or Reality?

The Digital Technology has already restructured public, private and government sectors in most parts of the world. Unfortunately, our beloved country “Pakistan” is still far away from the path of revolutionary digitalization. Earlier a little…

Does Tania Aidrus have Secret Agenda in Pakistan

What’s Tania Aidrus Agenda in Pakistan?

Tania Aidrus, a very senior Google Executive, has set an example for Youngsters by quitting her Job for better future of Pakistan. In addition to her sacrifice, she has agreed to join hands with Prime…