Synonym Meaning in Urdu

Synonym Meaning in Urdu with Examples & Sentences

If you see two different words with nearly the same meaning, both of them are synonyms to each other. According to the dictionary, a synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another word in the same language. Let’s check synonym meaning in Urdu to understand it clearly. 

Agar ap 2 alag alag words daikhain jin ki meaning takreeban aik jaisi ho ya kareeb kareeb ho to ya 2no words aik dostry k synonyms kehlaingy. Dictionary k mutabik, synonym aik aisa word hota hai jis ki meaning kisi dosry word k jaisi he hoti hai.

What is an example of a synonym? Synonym Meaning in Urdu

Let’s try to understand synonym meaning in Urdu with the help of an example.

Start, begin, initiate, launch and commence are different words but all have the same meaning. Thus they are synonymous with each other. 

Chalain aik example ki madad say synonym ki meaning samajhny ki koshish karty hain.

Start, begin, initiate, launch and commence different words hain par in sub ki meaning almost same he hai. Is liay ya sub aik dosry k synonymous hain.

– Start ka matlub hota hai shuro karna

– Begin ka matlub bhe shuro karna hota hai

– Isi tarha initiate ka mablub aghaz karna hota hai yani koi kam shuro karna

– Launch or commence k mana bhe shuru karna hai. 

Use of Synonym in a Sentence

A synonym is a word that can be substituted or replaced by another word with the same or similar meaning without changing the actual meaning.

Synonym aik aisi lafz hota hai jo kisi dosry word ki jaga use ho sakta hai or uski asli meaning ko bhe tabdel nahe karta. 

1. The new academic year will start from 1st October 

2. The new academic year will begin from 1st October 

3. The new academic year will commence from 1st October

All of the above sentences have the same meaning i.e Naya taleemi saal 1st October say shuru hoga. That’s a perfect example of synonym meaning in urdu.

Synonym Examples – Synonym Meaning in Urdu

Awful Odious BadRottenAtrocious 
Famished Starved ravenousEmpty Hungry 
dangerousWildSavage Vicious Minacious 
Youth Young TeenageImmatureJuvenile 
BenefitAdvantage Profit Yield Interest 
Fascinating Alluring Adorable Irresistible Splendid 
BraveDaring Courageous FearlessDaredevil 

Why Should Content Writers Use Synonyms?

A synonym is a Greek word and when you divide it into two parts it is like this: “syn” which simply means together and “onym” which simply means “name”. To add freshness in your writing or speaking, you can include synonyms instead of repeating the same words multiple times. 

Synonym یونانی, zaban ka aik lafz hai or jab ap isko 2 hisson main kar k daikhty hain to ya kuch is tarha banta hai. Syn jiska matlab hai together yani ایک ساتھ and onym yani name نام. Apni writing ya speaking main freshness lanay k liay ap aik he word ko bar bar repeat karny k bajai synonyms ka istemal kar sakty hain. 

As a Content Writer, it is essential to use synonyms in your articles, posts, or even ebooks. A content writer has to write many articles on the same topic and by using different words with the same meaning, you can improve the quality of your work. With a wide array of words, your readers will find your writing crispier. 

Aik content writer ki hesiat say articles, blog posts, yahan tak k ebooks main bhe synonyms ka use bohat zaruri hai. Aik content writer ko aik he topic par mutadid bar likhna parta hai or synonyms ka use kar k ap apni kam ki quality behtar kar sakty hain. Lafzon ki variety ap k content ko readers k liay kafi mazedar bana daiti hai. 

What are the Benefits of Using Synonyms in Content Writing?

There are a lot of benefits of using synonyms in your content writing and some of them are mentioned below: 

  • Make your writing more engaging and attention-grabbing 
  • Right synonym will bring clarity in the mind of your readers and he will better understand your point of views.  
  • If you don’t use synonyms, readers will get bored due to repetitive use of same words 
  • You can avoid plagiarism issues while paraphrasing  
  • Enhance communication between the writer and the reader

Synonyms k istemal apki writing ko engaging banata hai

Sahi synonym ka istemal readrs k mind main clarity lata hai or usay apki bat samajhny main kafi madad milti hai

Agar ap synonyms ki madad nahe laitay to readers boriat mehsus karny lagty hain aik he jisay alfaz k bar bar istemal say. 

Agar ap paraphrasing kar rahy hain to synonyms ki madad say ap plagiarism say bach sakty hain. 

Synonyms ki madad say writer or reader k darmian communication behtar ki ja sakti hai. 

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