RSVP Meaning in Urdu – RSVP stands for in Wedding Cards in Pakistan

In Pakistan, you must have read the Phrase R.S.V.P along with a few names and mobile numbers on wedding cards. Like everyone else, you may also be wrong about RSVP meaning in Urdu. 

You might think R.S.V.P indicates some important family members of the bride or groom. (Very very important persons of the family such as father, son, son-in-law, etc). Do you? Well? you have been wrong about it. 

Actually, RSVP is an abbreviation and it simply means “Please Reply” 

Pakistan main, Ap ne yakeenan wedding cards par R.S.V.P likha daikha hoga jis k sath he kuch names or mobile numbers bhe likhy hoty hain. Dosrons ki tarhan shayad ap bhe RSVP ki meaning k bary main galat hun. 

Shayad ap sochty ho k RSVP dulhan ya dulha ki family k kuch khas log hain. Koi bohat he khas log jaisay k larki ka walid, bhai ya phir damad wagaira. Agar ap aisa sochty hain to ap is bary main galat hain.

Hakekatan RSVP koi word nahe hai balky ya aik French word ki abbreviation hai or is ka sedha sadha matlub ya hai k “Barai meharbani jawab dain.  

What Does RSVP Stand for?

RSVP stands for Répondez s’il vous plaît

What is the full meaning of RSVP in urdu?

Agar apka koi Aziz Rishtadar, dost ya colleague apko apni kisi takreeb main invite karta hai (jisay shadi wagaira) main to RSVP likh kar wo chahta hai k ap usay confirm kardain k ap unki takreeb attend karaingy ya nahe. Is tarha unhain takreeb ki arrangements main asani ho jaigi k kitny logo k hesab say intezamat karny hain.

Is RSVP an English word?

RSVP is not an English word. Actually, it is a the abbreviation of a French phrase which is répondez s’il vous plait. RSVP or répondez s’il vous plait meaning in urdu is Barai Meharbani Jawab Dijiay (please reply.

Bohat say logo ko lagta hoga k RSVP aik English word hai par aisa nahe hai. Darhakekat RSVP aik French Phrase (répondez s’il vous plait) ki abbreviation hai. Or iska simple sa matlub ya hai k “Jawab Dain” (Please respond) 

What is RSVP meaning in English from French? 

RSVP is basically used to request readers to reply to an invitation. 


  • Répondez
  • s’il
  • vous
  • plait


  • Answer
  • If
  • You
  • Please

If you (do / not attend), please reply/ inform. 

What does RSVP meaning on a Wedding Card in Urdu?

RSVP meaning in urdu

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When you see an RSVP on a wedding card, it means the sender wants you to respond. 

Respond what? Respond that you are attending the event or not. 

If you don’t send a regret message, the sender might expect that you are going to attend the event. 

Jab ap ko kisi ka wedding card receive hota hai or ap daikhty hain k us par RSVP likha hai or sath main contact numbers bhe likhy hain to iska matlub ya hai k sender chahta hai k ap is invitation ka jawab dain.

Kis tarhan ka jawab? Jawab k ap event attend kar rahy hain ya nahe. 

Agar ap ka event attend karny ka irada nahe hai or ap organizer ko inform bhe nahe karty to ho sakta hai k wo expect kary k ap event attend karaingy. 

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Why is It Important to Respond to RSVP? 

Your reply will help the sender to make proper arrangements. He will be able to figure out the total number of guests during the event.  

If you intend to attend the event, you don’t have to reply. On the contrary, if it seems difficult for you to attend the event, you better send your regrets. However, you don’t have to give a reason for your absence. 

Ap ka response, organizer ko behtar intezamat karny main madad dayga or wo ya andaza bhe laga sakyga k kitny guests event attend karaingy. 

Agar apka event main jany ka irada hai to ap ko inform karny ki zarurat nahe. Lakin agar ap ka jana mushkil hai to behtar hai k ap inform kardain. Is k liay ap ko koi reason dainy ki zarurat bhe nahe hai. 

Hope you have understood the RSVP meaning in Pakistan.

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