Opportunities and Scope of Content Writing in Pakistan

In this age of smartphones, we write hundreds of WORDS every day in SMS, WhatsApp messages, and Facebook/ Instagram comments. Do you know you can really make money from every single word you write? Don’t be shocked! It is true and every word can pay you at least one rupee in content writing. Let’s get a bit deeper into it and check out the opportunities and scope of content writing in Pakistan.

Opportunities and Scope of Content Writing in Pakistan

If you are inspired by a content writer who tells you the stories of earning thousands of rupees every month, you might be planning to adopt content writing as a future career. But before you make the decision, be sure you are taking the right one. Knowing the opportunities and scope of content writing will help you figure out what will be your future as a content writer. 

If you learn content writing, you will have multiple choices to offer your services and earn money. So some of the best choices are as follow:

Work for Digital Marketing Companies  

There are hundreds of digital marketing companies in Pakistan offering their services for local and international clients to promote their businesses. 

These companies are always in search of good content writers who can write web content to run their online campaigns. 

Content is considered the “King of Digital World” and therefore, the opportunities are unlimited for a writer. You can look for a suitable job on job search portals such as Rozee. pk and pk.indeed.com.

Work for E-Commerce Industry    

A large number of customers now prefer to make online purchases via mobile apps, websites, and e-commerce stores. Therefore, most of the businesses have either moved online or launched their online stores as well. 

So the competition among businesses has already gotten a lot hotter which means the scope of web content writing in Pakistan is widening. 

To beat the competitors, every business needs a content writer to create engaging content for their customers. Most business organizations now prefer to hire full-time writers instead of outsourcing the job. 

You can try your luck in online clothing stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and shopping websites, etc. Some other growing businesses are real estate marketing, online consultancy, online tutoring, and event planning. 

Work as a Freelancer Content Writer 

You can choose to work as a freelance writer instead of working as an in-house full-time writer for a company. In this way, you can break the barrier of a 9-5 job and work right from your own comfort zone. 

Freelance portals like upwork.com, freelancer. pk, fiverr.com and peopleperhour.com will provide you the unlimited opportunities to earn as much as you want. 

However, to take maximum financial advantage from these freelance platforms, you must create an impressive profile to convince customers. 

Freelance Content Writer in Pakistan

In the beginning, you better charge a minimal fee for your services to attract more customers and win more projects. 

Once you have successfully delivered some projects and received positive feedback from your customers, you can expect to earn more. 

Content Writer Salary in Pakistan

Most of the freelance content writers in Pakistan charge a minimum of One Rupee Per Word from their clients. This means if you can write 2000 words every day, you can earn a minimum of Rs. 2000 every day. The earning potential is pretty simple: The more you write, the more you earn. Follow these tips to become an expert writer.

On the other hand, those who have been recruited by companies may be earning something between PKR 30,000 to 100,000 per month. The salary may vary depending upon various factors such as type of company, type of writing, workload and experience, etc. 

Popular Types of Content Writers 

Content Writer is a general term used to describe a professional writer. However, there are various types of content writers such as article writers, copywriters, technical writers, SEO writers, etc. Each type of writer has a particular set of skills necessary to write the relevant content. 

1: Article Writer

If you read a lot of articles and blog posts, you can become a blog article. In this type of writing, you have to write interesting and engaging articles and blog posts for your readers. 

You might have to do a lot of research just to write one article but once it is written, it can get your client’s website thousands of visitors. 

2: Copywriter

A copywriter understands the psychology of online customers and he uses his instincts to engage potential customers and finally urges them to take some sort of action. 

In copywriting, the writer smartly talks about the products or services. If your task is to write your client’s businesses or products, you must know the accurate details about it before you start writing. 

You might want them to click on a link, subscribe to a newsletter, fill out a survey form or make a purchase, etc. Some examples of copywriting are website landing pages, social media posts, product pages, etc. 

Find a Job as a Technical Writer in Pakistan

3: Technical Writer 

Technical writer as the name itself defines is quite a technical professional. As a technical writer, you have to find out the technical details of the software, program, devices, etc. 

A technical writer explains technology in detail. He writes about components, functions, features, working technicalities, etc. 

4: SEO Content Writer 

If you choose to become an SEO Content Writer, you must understand how search engines like Google and Bing work. You must learn the way to choose and insert high-value keywords within your content. 

When you write quality content and use the right keywords, you can drive tons of organic traffic from Google to the website where your content is published. Additionally, your content builds your client’s repo and credibility among readers and potential customers. 

Final Words

The scope of content writing in Pakistan is vast and a lot of new writers are adopting this as a profession. Amazing earning potential and the ability to work within your own time zone make it a perfect choice for those who wish to build a thriving career. If you are one who loves to read and write a lot, you must think about adopting content writing as a profession. 

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