content writing meaning in urdu

What is Content Writing Meaning in Urdu

You might have come across the term “content writing” but like others, you might be confused about content writing meaning in Urdu. Actually, when you try to find the meaning of content in Urdu, you translate the word “content” in Google Translator, and it says ” مواد “. So Google Translator says “Mawad”.

content writing meaning in urdu

Have you got the meaning now or still, confused? If you are, I will say “you should be”. Actually, to understand the actual meaning, we will have to go a bit deeper into it. But to understand its meaning in simple Urdu words, you better reread the above image:

Content Writer Meaning in Urdu

If you are looking for a content writer meaning in Urdu, you will find the answer here in this post. A content writer is a professional writer who usually writes content for blogs and websites. For example, he may write website pages for a clothing business or he may write informative blogs, product reviews, etc for a fashion website. Additionally, he may create social media posts for his clients.

Content Writer Meaning in Urdu

What is Content Writing Meaning?

Content writing is the combination of two words i.e. Content and Writing. As far as the word “writing” is concerned, everyone knows about it. Whatever you write on paper, on your computer screen, or in an email, etc is writing. On the other hand, the word “content” often confuses readers due to multiple meanings. For example:  

  • Adjective: Content means satisfied, contented, or happy.
  • Verb: Content means to satisfy someone.
  • Noun: It is often used to mention a member of the British house of lords.

Web Content Writing Meaning in Urdu in Term of Publication, Communication and Web

Irrespective of all the above terms, when we talk about “content writing”, we are specifically talking about its meaning in terms of Publishing, Communication, or the World Wide Web.

In the world of Publishing, Communication, or World Wide Web the term “content” is used to refer to “INFORMATION” for readers/ viewers or audience.

So the content meaning in Urdu refers to any kind of information available for the audience either in form of an article, review, news, social posts, video, or anything else.

Content may be some sort of feelings or experiences that one person would like to share with the other. It may be shared with a variety of channels such as websites, social media, books, e-books, newspapers, e-newspapers, magazines, radio, television, dramas, or performing art. Even speeches, conferences, and seminars may also be a form of content-sharing platform.

Content Writing Tips for Beginners

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