How to Improve Speaking Skills in Pakistan? English Language

Let’s suppose you have mastered Basic English tenses such as simple, continuous, and perfect. Additionally, you have learned some modal verbs, structures, and vocabulary. However, you live in a non-English speaking society like Pakistan where you don’t have an environment for practicing your English. How to improve speaking skills in Pakistan?

how to improve speaking skills

In Pakistan, every English learner faces the same problems and the best way to deal with those problems is to find alternate ways. In this blog, I am sharing some of the best tips on how to improve speaking skills. Let’s check out these English learning tips:   

1: Improve English Speaking with Thinking Habit

Don’t you think it is possible? Well, it is possible, especially for us Pakistanis. We, Pakistanis” think A LOT and do A LOT LESS so thinking in English is possible for us. This is the way to exploit this habit to learn how to improve speaking skills.

Most of us are used to thinking a lot about our and others’ lives while working on something at home or in the office. Are you wondering how can you do this? Well, let’s see this:

  • You are sitting on a sofa and thinking about your old school days. Try to think about those old days in English instead of Urdu or another language. If you have enough words in your vocabulary bucket, you simply need practice.
  • Is Urdu English translation your problem? Don’t translate anything from Urdu to English but try to think only in English. Translation in English will actually make your life more difficult. So if you want to know how to improve english speaking fluency, you must stop thinking in Urdu.
  • You must be wondering “how would I find the words and sentences? Actually, this is the real challenge. This will require a lot of practice but sooner or later you will understand the science behind it. This unique tip will answer how to improve speaking skills without Urdu translation.
  • If you first think in Urdu and translate it into English, you will be lost in the mess of translation. Switching between Urdu to English will actually create trouble rather than convenience. So it is always good to think in English.
  • It will be much difficult in the beginning but soon you will realize this technique is working great. This is something you can do every day and anywhere whether you are working at your office, listening to some songs, or walking out in the rain.

2: How to Improve Spoken English with English Subtitles

If you love watching Hollywood’s action, suspense or thriller, now watch them for practicing English. When you watch an English movie with English subtitles, you will find a lot of familiar sentences and words. In this way, you can practice newly learned sentences, modal verbs, and structures. Check out these tips:

  • While watching a movie, read subtitles carefully. For English Movies, listen to the actual dialogues and match them with the words in subtitles. On the other hand, if you are watching an Urdu/ Hindi movie with English subtitles. You can still find everyday use sentences.
  • Listen to the dialogues carefully. Dialogues are complete sentences and can be added to your everyday learning English language practice sessions. Listening and practicing those dialogues will help you learn a lot.  Note down new words and sentences.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes every day. If you can easily spare some time every day practicing your English, that would be great for you.  Even if you are taking some english language course in karachi, Lahore, Islamabad or any other part of Pakistan, this tip will help you improve english speaking.

3: Read English Newspapers – Add Up New Words

Do you read newspapers? Which one do you read, Daily Jung, Daily Jasarat, or Daily Express? It does not matter which Urdu newspaper you read, quit reading it immediately and start reading English Newspapers in Pakistan. Some of the best English Newspapers in Pakistan are:

  • The News: receives approx 12- 14 Million monthly visitors on its website.
  • Dawn: receives around 10- 13 Million monthly online visitors. 
  • Daily Pakistan: receives approx 3 – 4 million monthly visitors on its online portal.  
  • The Express Tribune: receives approx 3 – 4 million monthly visitors on its website.
  • The Nation: receives approx 1 million monthly visitors. 

These newspapers have news related to business, politics, entertainment, sports, technology, lifestyle, etc. Read a few news items every day from your favorite categories and note down new vocabulary.

In this way, you will improve your knowledge, boost reading power and add new words to your vocabulary.


4: Talk to the Mirror – Boost Your Confidence

Does it seem weird? It is not at all.

You must have a mirror at your home or in your office where you can stand for a few minutes in front of it. This technique is especially effective for those who have low confidence. They don’t feel confident while trying to speak English in front of other people.

  • Select a simple topic to talk about, stand right in front of the mirror, look into your own eyes and start speaking.
  • Pretend like there is a discussion between you and the guy in the mirror. Let your mind speak as much as possible and don’t stop it.
  • This simple yet so effective English speaking technique would bring a lot of confidence in you.

5: Pay Attention to Fluency – Ignore Grammatical Errors

English speaking learners often make one common mistake while speaking. They try to speak perfectly with no grammatical mistakes. Don’t you think it is a mistake? Well, it is a big mistake especially when you are practicing to improve your English speaking fluency.

Do you want to know the secrets of how to improve English speaking fluency? Follow the given tips and check the difference in your fluency.

  • If you speak slowly just to make the right sentences, you will slowly lose your confidence. It sounds strange but it is a reality.
  • So you must pay attention to improve your fluency rather than focusing on your grammar accuracy.
  • Once you gain fluency in your speaking, it will be much easier for you to improve your mistakes. If you know correct grammatical rules, use them but don’t overemphasize them.

Learning the English language should be fun not a compulsion.  All of the above-discussed tips will help you improve your English in a non-English speaking society. You should also get admission to a well-reputed English learning institute such as domino English Language Centre Karachi

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