Content Writing Tips for Beginners

7 Content Writing Tips To Become An Expert Writer in Pakistan

It does not matter if you are planning to start your career as a content writer or have already started. If you want to improve your content writing skills, these simple content writing tips will help you become an expert writer and build your career on a fast-paced track.   

With good knowledge of the English Language, you can start your content writing career. But you must be able to write in a consistent and logical way for online readers who are difficult to impress. However, if you adopt the below-given content writing tips, you can become a quality writer. 

Content Writing Tips to Produce Quality Content

1: Practice Every Single Day 

One of the best content writing tips for beginners is to practice their content writing skills every single day. When you write every day, it becomes part of your life and you get relieved from the pressure. Here are the reasons why to write every day:

  • Become Mentally Strong: Writing every day is like exercising. When you exercise every day, you can become physically stronger. Similarly, writing every day will keep you mentally strong. You will have a strong grip on your thoughts and ideas. Besides, you will become a fast writer with more words in less time. 
  • Have Plenty of Words: If you write articles and blogs every day, you will learn the art of using the right words in your content. In this way, your writing can become concise, eloquent, and elegant. You will have plenty of pretty words, sentences, and phrases in your basket. No doubt one of the best article writing tips is to practice every day.

How to Become a Content Writer in Pakistan?

2: Write About Every Topic  

I have to write about almost everything from digital marketing to academic writing and small business to the entertainment world. One of the most important content writing rules is to say “yes” to every topic. There are a lot of benefits of writing about every topic such as:

  • Build Confidence: When you write about a variety of topics, you become confident about your skills. Once you know you can write about every topic, you don’t have doubts about your skills. 
  • Gain Knowledge: Every new topic requires you to work hard in the first place because you are exploring a topic. After 2-3 articles, you gain enough knowledge of the topic and you don’t have to spend a lot of time writing about it. 
  • Never Say No: One of my rules of content writing is that I never say “no” to any topic no matter how boring it is. In this way, I can challenge myself to write about a completely new topic. When you skip a topic only because it seems boring or tough, you can not become an excellent content writer. 

3: Read Articles and Blogs 

The third of the most important content writing tips is to read articles and blogs. The more you read, the better you can write and that’s a pretty simple rule. When you read articles and blogs, you explore new vocabulary, phrases, and ideas.

If you are looking for tips for writing blog posts, I would say subscribe to few quality blogs in your niche and read newly published posts every day. Let’s check how reading helps your writing skills: 

  • Critical Thinking: When you read a blog, review it critically. Find out what’s the most inspiring part of the blog. It is good, fine, excellent, or worse on the other hand. Ponder over the way, the writer has developed the blog and which writing style he is using. Comparing different articles and blogs will improve your critical thinking skills. 
  • Writing Styles: There are thousands of content writers out there in Pakistan. Reading some of the best writers with different styles will help you make better writing choices. Pay attention to the style, mechanics, and vocabulary of the different blogs and articles. 
  • Grammar Improvement: Reading authentic blogs will give you an opportunity to study correct grammar. As a writer, you should have great knowledge of grammar and when you read a blog, you can actually practice and test your knowledge. 
  • Vocabulary Expansion:  Another great benefit of reading every day is the expansion of vocabulary. While writing, you may note down unfamiliar words, phrases, and even sentences. In this way, you can use those new words in your next article or blog.  

4: Use Easy-to-Understand Words

Like many new writers, you may prefer complex and uncommon to impress your readers. Unfortunately, it is not a way to impress your online readers who don’t have time to explore the meaning of your complex words. 

  • Avoid using fancy words: As a content writer, you don’t need to use fancy words in your blog. Instead, if you use simple words with proper meaning, this will leave a better impression on your readers.
  • Produce Simple Content: Online readers are different from traditional ones. They seek information online and if they find it easy to understand, they will stay. The first paragraph of your blog will let them decide whether they should continue reading or leave the site. 
  • Use Plain Language: Online readers are always in a hurry and they simply want to get the information they are looking for. So if you give them an article that is difficult to understand, most probably they will skip it. To convey the actual message, use plain language. 

5: Cut Fluff from Your Content 

One of the most important tips for freelance writers is to understand the difference between written and verbal communication. You may use filler words in verbal communication but in writing, you must avoid them. 

  • Filler Words Distract: Fluff or filler words are a distraction for readers and many are annoyed while reading. Most of the fluff comes from the adjective or adverb category.  Some common words are that, very, little, just, even, maybe, really, etc. 
  • Remove Filler Words: The best way to get rid of filler words from your content is to read the content loudly. When you read, you can notice sound and rhythm in your sentences. If they seem unnecessary, just cut them off. 
  • Use When Necessary: If you don’t need a word to improve the meaning of your sentence, don’t use it unnecessarily. 

6: Use Short Sentence, Para and Sections  

If you pay attention to this blog post, you will notice that I have written short sentences and short paragraphs. It is to make it easier for readers as well as search engines to understand the blog. 

  • Words in a sentence: Use less than 21 words in a single sentence because using more words may create readability issues. Break longer sentences into shorter ones and use transition words to create a connection.  
  • Sentences in a Paragraph: It is better to use 3-5 sentences in every single paragraph. Experts always recommend the use of short paragraphs instead of longer ones. If you have more to say, it is good to break the long paragraph into multiple paragraphs. 
  • Length of a Section: None of the sections of your blog, blog, or sales copy should be larger than 300 words. If a section is getting longer, break it by using H2, H3, and H4 tags. This will help you keep each section at a length. 

7: Work within an Outline 

If you have started your freelance content writing journey, you will have to deal with different clients with different requirements. When you write without an outline, you may miss some important details and therefore, it is good to use an outline. Working within an outline will allow you to bring consistency and flow to your content. 


One of the best content writing tips for beginners is to write without paying attention to mistakes in the first draft. When you start your first draft, don’t worry about grammatical, typing, and logical errors. You should aim to put ideas together in your first draft. Once you finish your first draft, read your post from top to bottom and correct all the mistakes you find. 

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