Who is Mahmoud Nakib?

Who is Mahmoud Nakib? Beirut Bride’s Photoshoot

Recently a new video appeared on social media showing Beirut blast during a bridal photoshoot. The viral video shows that a 29 years old Lebanese bride posing for her wedding photoshoot. Suddenly, a massive explosion happened which later confirmed as blast of explosive material stored in a warehouse. The photographer was Mahmoud Nakib who captured those horrible moments in the middle of the Photoshoot. Now many wonder Who is Mahmoud Nakib?

Mahmoud Nakib is a young Lebanese who runs a production house in Saïda, Lebanon. His youtube cover shows that filmmaking, music and comedy are some areas he is interested in. His youtube channel has a large variety of videos that include Adobe Premiere Tutorials, Cover Songs, Comedy shows and Promotional videos. Besides, most of the videos on his channel are in Arabic Language.

He runs his official facebook page as MN Productions. The about sections on his YouTube channel as well as Facebook Page have very limited information. The website link www.mahmoudnakib.com is also listed on facebook page but it does not seem to be working. However, it is clear that he offers creative designs and media services to his clients. You can follow him on instagram.

The Special Moment That Turned into Great Tragedy

Mahmoud Nakib was recording the most beautiful moment of the bride Dr. Israa Seblani when a huge shock wave rocked the entire city. Israa Seblani’s special moments suddenly turned into great tragedy. 

In the video, it can be seen that Dr. Israa Seblani was standing with a beautiful smile on her face for photoshoot. As soon as the blast was heard, bridal dress’s bottom and a bouquet got blown away. Right after the blast, big damages to nearby buildings could be seen.

The bride and others standing nearby quickly rushed towards the nearest building while Mahmoud Nakib was still capturing the incident. Later Dr. Israa Seblani and her husband revisited the place where it all happened. They told that they are still in shock due to the massive explosion.

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