Beirut: A Brief Overview – Location & Population

Many don’t know much about Beirut, its location and population. People often ask where Beirut in exactly located. Well, it is located in Lebanon, a country in the Middle East.

In Which Country Beirut City

Beirut: Paris of Middle East

The city is also known as the Paris of Middle East because of its thriving places for unstoppable shopping and off course some amazing landscapes. Through, most of the Lebanon is destroyed due to frequent wars; Beirut is still a wonderful city to visit.

This mixed culture city has seen destruction but it got rebuild many times and its beauty lies in its buildings that represent colonial as well as Ottoman ages. Ashrafieh and Hamra are two of the busiest streets of Beirut that offer the attraction of nightlife. On the other hand, Gibran Museum along with the National Museum takes the visitors to the tour of historical moments.

Badges of Honor

  • Beirut is the Capital of Lebanon
  • The largest city in the country
  • 3rd largest city in Levant region
  • 5th largest city in Arab world
  • With 5000 year of history it is the oldest cities in the world

Beirut Population

Beirut population is 2.2 million (As per 2007 estimates). When you know in which country Beirut city located, it is easy to understand why the latest figures are not available. Multiple spells of wars have destroyed the infrastructure of the country.

Beirut People

It is believed that the population of Beirut is mostly consisted upon Christians and Muslims. Unfortunately, no reliable sources are available to confirm the statistics about Beirut population.

During civil war, a huge number of Shiʿis infiltrated into Central and West Beirut which throw the weight towards Muslims population. However, both Muslims and Christians are mostly Arab. East Beirut has more Christian population while the west Beirut has more Muslims. A very small community of Jewish also lives in bruit.

Beirut City is trending in Google these days due to the massive explosion that rocked the entire city. The explosion was so large that it killed at least 70 people and injured more than 3,000 others. A video being circulated on social media shows that a huge mushroom rose up to the sky after the explosion.

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