Unworried Meaning in Urdu: Google Silently Corrected Its Mistake

Google Translate is a tremendous tool and a great pain reliever for those who frequently need translations. It has the ability to detect any word or sentence from 100+ Languages. Therefore, a huge number of users even in Pakistan and India use Google Translate to find the meaning of words from other languages. Surprisingly Google’s translation for the word “unworried” is quite hilarious. When people search for unworried meaning in Urdu or Hindi, they prefer unworried google translate and you know what? It makes them burst into laughter.

Unworried Google Translate

If you really want to laugh out louder, just go to Google and write unworried in Urdu meaning or unworried meaning in Urdu. you will be surprised to see Google Results. Google translate unworried to Urdu as غیر شادی شدہ (Unmarried). This version of Google Translate is quite unbelievable and funny at the same time.

Unworried Meaning in Urdu

Don’t believe it? Go Check Google Yourself

Without any doubt, we can say that Google Translate is a great virtual assistant. Almost every internet user Google (search) something every day and people trust it. Why would they make such a big mistake, that’s strange. Google is smart and it might have guess itself that the vast majority of people get into trouble after marriages.

Google Has Finally Corrected Its Mistake in 2021

2020 was the most stressful year of the century due to COVID-19 Pandemic. So people were finding ways to little smiles and make others smile. One of those little smiles was the meaning of unworried by Google Translator that said “Unworried meaning was unmarried”. But finally, Google has corrected its mistake that practically brought smiles to the faces of thousands of worried people. Now if you translate unworried to Urdu, you will find its correct meaning.

2 More Popular Online Translation Tools

1. Bing Translator

After Google Translate, another powerful translation tool is Bing Translator which functions in real-time. You can get amazing advantages from this tool by using it online or via a windows Smartphone. It has the ability to give accurate translations from dozens of modern languages. For example, if you search the meaning of unworried in Urdu via Bing Microsoft Translator, you will find the accurate translation i.e نا پریشان.

2. iTranslate

For Android Smartphone users, iTranslate is a great option. By installing this app on your phone, you will be able to translate your text into 90 plus languages. The most mentionable thing about iTranslate is that it generates quick results. You can enjoy using it while offline. Most important of all, it is absolutely free.

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