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Tania Aidrus Resignation Letter Accepted

Wednesday, 29th July was another misfortune day for Pakistani nation. The visionary lady Tania Aidrus resignation letter was submitted and later accepted by Prime Minister Imran Khan. According to Dawn, Digital Pakistan Program’s Head stepped down from the post of special assistant to PM Khan.

Confirmation of Resignation in Twitter Message

Her resignation letter came after criticism against PTI government due to her dual nationality issue. Having both Pakistani and Canadian nationalities at the same time provided an opportunity to the opponents who did not let it go. In a twitter message, she said that the controversy is shadowing the objectives of Digital Pakistan Vision.

She further said that she has submitted her resignation from SAPM Role in greater public interest to avoid controversy. However, she has expressed her WILL to continue serving Pakistan’s Digitalization vision with best of her abilities.

Copy of Tania Aidrus Resignation Letter

Along with the tweet, Tania Aidrus resignation letter is also attached addressing the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan. In the letter, she thanked Prime Minster Imran Khan for his support and trust in her. She emphasized that the only purpose of her return to Pakistan was to build digital Pakistan.

Quitting Job at Google Was a Mistake?

She gave up her job as Google Executive to guide Digital Pakistan Program into right direction in December 2019. Though, she had to face a lot of criticism from people in her circle, she firmly made the decision. Many thought she was making a wrong decision as Pakistani system would drive her crazy. Don’t you think they were right?

Though, she has resigned yet assured her availability for any kind of assistance required by PM. After Tania Aidrus resignation letter, it is quite clear that our country’s foes don’t want talented Pakistani come back. It is quite misfortunate that another sincere Pakistani has become a victim of politics.

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