Digital Transformation Strategy

How to Create an Effective Digital Transformation Strategy for Your Business?

Digital Transformation Strategy: The decade 2020s began with Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and quickly covered almost all parts of the world. It caused cancellation of all major activities including sports, political, religious and cultural gatherings. World’s largest economies fell flat due to a tiny virus. Consequently, businesses suffered massive losses except those already transformed digitally.

Looking at the current situation of the world, business leaders must have realized the significance of digital transformation of their businesses. Who knows there would be even bigger challenges in future? Therefore, every business leader must adopt digital transformation strategy to develop more capabilities and opportunities.

Every business has to be ready to take maximum advantage of this quickly changing world economic. Subsequently, there is a dire need to create an effective digital transformation strategy in every area of business activities. Every department whether it is production or management has to go through a big physical and cultural change.  

11 Simple Tips to Create a Result Oriented Digital Transformation Strategy

Still wondering why to invest in some kind of tech tools? Actually, it is worth investing your time, resources and finances in digitalization. Though, you may not see desired results quickly, you will soon realize the increasing brand popularity.

Your products will be reaching to bigger audience resulting in higher conversion rates. However, for an effective business turnover, you must make an effective digital transformation strategy. As a starter, you may consider taking following steps:

Digital Transformation Strategy
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1. Current Position of Business

Before you take any steps, be very clear about the current position of your business. Where you are standing right now? What are your resources? Do you have a large clientele? What about your team?

2. Identify Market Potential and Choose a Digital Transformation Strategy

How much potential your market has? If it has got the potential, it will be valuable to catch that potential through digital technologies.

3. Figure out Risks and Threats

Everything that brings you bounties may also have some kind of risks or threats. Now it is your talent how you figure out prevailing risks and threats. Don’t ignore them but plan to tackle with them efficiently.  

4. Determine Organizational Culture

Digital transformation is not just transformation of tools; it directly deals with the culture of the organization.

5. Test Your Team Readiness

You may have a great team but when it comes to changes, they are supposed to be tested for upcoming changes. It is highly important to understand how capable they are for accepting greater systematic changes.

6. Collect Your Customers’ Data

From day one of adopting digital transformation strategy, you should start collecting customers’ data. The data may contain customers contact details, their likes, dislikes, preferences etc.  

7. Locate Talent among Present Team

Every member of a team may pose variety of skills, experience and capabilities. Find out the heroes among your own people and train them for betterment of your company.

8. Never Hesitate to Get External Support

You can easily find digital business consultants who will know how to transform an entire business empire.

9. Frequent Improvement of Systems

Once a department has been renovated with latest technology, don’t hold back the upgrade process. For example, if you have launched an app for your customers, it needs frequent updates for improvement.

10. Recruit Talented Persons Equipped with Digital Skills

Just because you are a talented CEO, does not mean your entire team will be equally capable. In some areas you must hire only skilled and experienced people such as data collection and analysis, UIUX development of apps and websites.

11. Use Facebook and Google Analytic Tools

Connect your website with Google Analytic and Google Search console to understand how customers are approaching your products. Facebook analytic will allow you to have great understanding of the users visiting your official pages.

Set Ultimate Business Goal and Aim the Target

Set Ultimate Business Goal and Aim the Target for Digital Transformation Strategy
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It seems great to implement latest digital tech in business especially with ultimate business goals. However, it is essential to determine either digital technology will help you achieve your goals or not?

1. Don’t Follow Others Blindly

Don’t do this only because others are also doing the same, instead set your goals first then choose the length of tech accordingly.

2. Develop Emotional Bond

Remember your company’s goal is not just your goal but make it for everyone who is working within your organizational setup. It should not be some kind of top secret thing. Let everyone be part of your journey towards digitalization.

3. Try to Be Specific

Above all, determine what exactly you wish to achieve and turn you efforts towards that particular point. Try to be as specific as possible and do not let yourself lose your path during transformation process.

Get Ready to Reshape Culture of Your Business Organization

Every business transformation strategy may vary from culture to culture. Company’s own culture simply means the products, services, human resources, and real location.

1. Resist the Resistance

Sometimes it is hard for people to accept change so quickly consequently they resist the change and become a great hindrance against your will.

2. Team of Tech Savvy

If the people in your company are tech savvy, they will welcome the change and allow its quick integration. On contrary, if they are not tech savvy, then simply make them understand what is going to happen in near future.

3. Improve Performance

Humans may respond differently in different cultures in favor of digital tech such as network security, activity monitoring, artificial intelligence, collaboration tools etc. besides; digital currency is another important step. Tell them how the changes will improve their performance and help them get better reward.

Pen Down All Risks and Threats and Find Appropriate Solutions

When you take a new initiative, there is always some degree of risks and you can’t just deny it. However, risks don’t stop the leaders to do something better and this is what expected from you.

1. Discuss Risks and Threats

Before you move towards transformation, discuss with experts all levels of risks and threats. For example, if the team is not passionate about the management tool you introduce, they will try to prove it as an ineffective strategy.

2. Find Solutions Not Problems

If you already know the risks, you will prefer to change people not the tools. Sometimes, a strategy is not ineffective but it is people who fail to make it effective. So rather than finding someone to blame, find someone who can accomplish goals.

3. Try It Before Buy It Strategy  

Every film starts with a teaser and if catches attention of the audience successfully, the full fledge shooting of the movie is on the go. This is just because determining the potential of the plot either it grabs attention or not.

Using the same strategy, a small transformation may be implemented in your business to check its result. Start with a small unit of your entire organizational setup and then move it the rest. For example, new tech may be introduce in management section or a part of management section.

Use Project and Time Management Tools       

You should look for some project management tools for you business because they come with variety of features. An ideal collaboration among your team members is what will decide either your project will meet the deadline before dead line or not. An effective tool will ensure that your team could communicate effectively, easily and of course timely. Check out these tools:

1. Asana

Asana is one of the most useful tools to manage your teamwork projects for Digital Transformation Strategy

Asana is one of the most useful tools to manage your teamwork projects. The tool board will enable you to visualize everything so easily. Create a perfect plan with a deadline limit, minimize the chances of errors and utilize your time in the most effective manner.

2. Scoro

Scoro is another amazing project management tool

Scoro is another amazing project management tool which will bring you a great combination of various features such as team collaboration, projects, assignment, quotes, billing, contact management, contracts, calendar, schedule and reporting. It also has real-time dashboard and time tracking.

3. ProofHub

here comes ProofHub for using Digital Transformation Strategy

If you are looking for a versatile project management tool, here comes ProofHub which will allow you to use excellent features. It will allow you to create stress free tasks without wasting time in useless efforts. Plan, collaborate, organize and deliver on time.

4. Bitrix24

projects management and time management

If you are looking one tool for projects management and time management at the same time, here you go with Bitrix24. This wonderful tool will ease you out with workflow, planning, collaboration and document management all at once.

5. Toggl

One of the best time management tools is Toggl

One of the best time management tools is Toggl which will allow you to track your time just in 2 clicks. Yes, you simply need to sign up with Toggl and the timer is ready to get connected with hundreds of apps.

6. Workplus

When it is about project management, every minute count and so there should be no delay in getting an excellent tool. With workplus you can analyze overall time spend on projects giving you a good start to finish the task before the deadline.

Upgrade Internet Security Systems

Businesses have gone digital so as cyber criminals. Now there are smarter and more cunning as they keep tracks of everything they need to monitor about internet users. Cyber security is highly essential but often neglected by the businesses.

When you start a digital business, it is your responsibility to guard your business as well as your customers. Your customers leave data with you and you can’t just allow hackers to steal it. There are various tools being used for multiple purposes, for example:

  • Antivirus Software  
  • Network Security Programs
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Email Correspondence Protection
  • User Data Protection
  • Secured Payment Gateways
  • Firewall
  • Others

1. Intruder

They say if you don’t find your own weakness someone else will do. And how he exploits your weakness, it could be pretty dangerous. Intruders’ scanning system will scan your business digital infrastructure to help you find out weakness in your security system.

An unauthorized access to your database may cost you data loss and you can’t afford it. This tool offers over 9000 security checks

2. Mimecast

Email is the most used program which is commonly used by the businesses for correspondence with employees as well as customers.

With Mimecast you can get security 3.0 and change the landscape of entire emailing system.

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