Naimal Khawar Ranked Top in Google Searches in 2019

Google has released its list of top most searched celebrities for 2019 in Pakistan. The list has always been a great source to know who matters the most to the internet users. The list of top searches includes actors, actresses, singers and cricketers but what was most notable name is Naimal Khawar. Naimal Khawar Ranked Top in Google Searches in the year 2019.

Naimal Knawar made her first appearance in the film Verna in 2017. She soon became a celebrity and got a huge number of fans and followers on social media. However, the actress announced her retirement while she was on peak of her career.

The next most sensational news about Naimal Khawar was her marriage. She got married to another sensation of Pakistani Film and Drama Industry Hamza Ali Abbasi. Their marriage celebrations were held in August 2019 and most probably this could be the period when she was searched most on internet.

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