Google Releases List of Top 10 Most Searched People in Pakistan 2019

We all are keen to welcome 2020 while on the other hand there is a lot to discover about 2019. For example, we would like to know who was among the most searched people in Pakistan in 2019. Finally, Google has released its list of top trending searchers in Pakistan for the year 2019.

It might be quite surprising for some readers that Naimal Khawar ranked the top in list of 10 people. In fact, Naimal was not a very well known face until she found Hamza Ali Abbasi as her life partner. Let’s check the list:

Top 10 Most Searched People in Pakistan  

1: Naimal Khawar

Former Actress and Wife of Pakistani Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi

2: Waheed Murad

The Chocolate Hero and a Broken Star of Pakistan Film Industry

3: Babar Azam

A Well Known Cricketer of Pakistani Cricket Team  

4: Asif Ali

Another Popular Face of Cricket

5: Adnan Sami

Musician, Singer, Music Composer and Pianist

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6: Sara Ali Khan

Actress and Daughter of Indian Actor Saif Ali Khan

7: Mohammad Amir

Left Arm Fast Bowler of Pakistani Cricket Team  

8: Alizeh Shah

Model and Actress Who Performed in Ehd-e-Wafa (TV serial)

9: Abhinandan Varthaman

An Indian Pilot Who Was Captured and Held in Captivity for 60 hours by Pakistan

10: Madiha Naqvi

A popular TV Host Who Got married a Famous Politician Faisal Sabzwari.

Top 10 Most Searched People in Pakistan 2019

What I Find Most Interesting in This List:  

1: I am glad to see that nation still remembers its chocolate hero Waheed Murad – a star broke in 1983.

2: It is also quite surprising to see the name of Indian singer and musician Adnan Sami. Why someone would search him in Google?

4: There is no surprised that a huge number of internet users in Pakistan searched Abhinandan Varthaman. In fact, this name reminds us the bravery and professionalism of Pakistan Air Force.

6: In this list of top 10 most searched people in Pakistan, there are three Indian. Isn’t it interesting?

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