Gates Finally Releases Funds for Dr. Umar Saif / SurveyAuto

Gates Finally Releases Funds for Dr. Umar Saif / SurveyAuto

According to TheNews, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has finally released funds for Dr. Umar Saif Startup “SurveyAuto” based in Pakistan. The basic purpose of this first big investment is to help the Startup with its developments and advancements in Data Collection Artificial Intelligence (AI) Models.  

The received grant may be used to monitor and analyze family related data. Furthermore, the startup will take the venture to develop a particular type of model for exclusive monitoring of healthcare data which may be collected form healthcare facilities as well as Pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan.

The Face Behind SurveyAuto

Dr. Umar Saif Founder of SurveyAuto

The SurveyAuto is a survey specialist company founded by Dr. Umar Saif who is a computer scientist and educator. He has also been working as UN advisor on development projects in Pakistan.

Just to joggle your memory, he also took his place among the most 500 influential Muslims in the world in the years 2015 & 2016. He is also decorated with Sitara-i-Imtiaz, Microsoft Research Award and Mark Weiser Award for his services in science and technology.

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The program developed and promoted by the company employees crowdsourcing tactic to conduct an effective survey in any part of the world within a matter of minutes.

The SurveyAuto has proven to be very effective in getting genuine field data. The system uses AI tech on satellite imagery to recognize the actual targets accurately. Additionally, the targets are monitored and analyzed in real-time through apps.

SurveyAuto’s Global Partners

SurveyAuto has partnered with various organizations such as World Bank Group, Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, Innovation in poverty action and Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi on multiple projects based on global scale. The investment from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is the latest aid for the startup. SurveyAuto with headquarter in Pakistan is functioning effectively in its offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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