Tania Aidrus’s Digital Pakistan Campaign – From Dream to Reality

Digital Pakistan Campaign – Dream or Reality?

The Digital Technology has already restructured public, private and government sectors in most parts of the world. Unfortunately, our beloved country “Pakistan” is still far away from the path of revolutionary digitalization. Earlier a little ray of hope is seen after the launching of Digital Pakistan Campaign on 6th of December 2019.

What is Digital Technology?

According to dictionary.com Digital technology is a branch of scientific knowledge which functions in designing and utilization of computerized systems, methods and devices.

Some Common Examples of Digital Tech

  • Transportation Networks: Few ride-hailing, ridesharing and delivery services are  Careem, Uber and Swvl
  • Digital Banking Services: Now all the banks in Pakistan offer online servicessuch as account information, online account access, funds transfer, bill payment, SMS and email alerts etc.
  • National Database: NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) has created the biggest database in Pakistan.  NADRA is going to be the most important tool in digital Pakistan campaign.
  • Smartphone: You can find this device in hands of every rich and poor man or woman in Pakistan. This magical box has quickly digitalized a vast majority of young Pakistanis.   
  • Businesses: Digital information is being used by small and large businesses to understand their clients’ demand and to deal with market competition effectively.
  • Content: Digital content may include eBooks, articles, news, images, videos and audios.

Digital Technology has infiltrated in almost every field of human activity from payment of utility bills to renewal of ID cards. Moreover, it is rapidly making its way into healthcare, education, industries, markets and agriculture. The Digital Pakistan Vision is much more greater than we can imagine right now.

NADRA is going to be the most important tool in digital Pakistan campaign.

Challenges for Initiators of Digital Pakistan Program

Our neighboring countries like India and Bangladesh have successfully digitalized their governmental and industrial systems to fuel their economic. On the other hand, we, Pakistani, are still facing the challenges that should have been resolved years ago. Some of common challenges that the new faces of Digital Pakistan would be facing are discussed below:

IT Education & Training:

Pakistan’s education system is all about Rich Man’s World. If you have more money to spend on fees, you can get better education. But what about those who can’t afford to pay higher fees? Are they supposed to kill their dreams?

Besides, majority of institutions are delivering obsolete information that makes students educated but not creative and innovative. Tania Aidrus education and experience would definitely help her deal with education system.

Internet Speed & Availability

Digital Technology may produce the highest potential in industry with high speech internet connection. Without quality internet connection, a digital device is like Toyota Corolla without fuel.

Secondly, many areas of Pakistan don’t even have access to internet which means an absolute disconnecting with Digitalizing process. Therefore, for ensuring digital Pakistan transformation, this very basic issue must be resolved as quickly as possible.

Lack of Trust on Payment Systems

A vast majority of Pakistanis don’t use online payment systems due to security concerns. There is a dire need to develop secured payment gateways which can be trusted by everyone.

People still prefer to buy commonly use products from local stores rather than placing online orders. Moreover, a legal framework is a must-to-have structure as a trust building measure between buyers and sellers.

Lack of Government Support for Startups

Some startups have done wonderful job by establishing themselves as strong networks such as Zameen.com, Whatmobile.com.pk, Pakrealestate.com Pakwheel.com, Foodpanda and Daraz. However, there is very little or no support from government sector for startups in Pakistan.

Once government opens its arms for young Pakistani startups or soon-to-be-startups, there will be a big positive change in country’s economy. We hope that the Digital Pakistan Initiatives could bring necessary support this neglected community.

Final Words

Past governments took similar initiatives for betterment of country but failed to fulfill their promises due to lack of seriousness. Hopefully, Tania Aidrus, an experienced google executive, with support of PM could turn Digital Pakistan’s Dreams into reality.

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