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Who is Tania Aidrus Pakistan? Education & Profession

Formal Google Executive, Tania Aidrus, suddenly became a topic of hot discussion on social media in 2019. As a result of her brilliant speech about Digital Pakistan on Wednesday, 5th December 2019 in PM Office everyone was buzzing about her. In fact, before her speech, a vast majority of Pakistanis did not know her but then everyone was wondering “who is Tania Aidrus Pakistan?

During her speech in Islamabad, she thanked Prime Minister Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan, and Mr. Jahangir Tareen for supporting her. She also revealed her simple Agenda for Pakistan. Indeed, she emerged as a big asset of Pakistan in Google. Unfortunately, she had to resign from her position in 2020. Let’s throw light on some important information about her:  

Who is Tania Aidrus? Religion, Education/ Tania Aidrus Biography

Complete Name:Tania Aidrus
Tania Aidrus Date of Birth24 September
Tania Aidrus NationalityPakistani
Home TownKarachi
Religious ViewsIslam
Matrimonial StatusUnmarried
QualificationMBA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
LanguagesUrdu, English
ProfessionIT Professional
Previous JobFormer Google Executive
Last Job in PakistanFormer Head Digital Pakistan Program
Tania Aidrus SalaryNot Available
Social ProfilesTania Aidrus Twitter
Tania Aidrus Linkedin
Tania Aidrus Instagram
PublicationPakistan: A Story of Technology, Entrepreneurs and Global Networks
Who is Tania Aidrus Pakistan

Tania Aidrus Professional Working Experience

After finishing college she started a job in a consulting firm. A few years later, she decided to switch from consulting to entrepreneurship. She had always been a sort of entrepreneur by nature but never thought what were the skill-sets to start as an entrepreneur. So at that point, she decided to go and get an MBA just to learn how to start a company or something like this.

She got admission to MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Since Tania Aidrus Biography Wikipedia is not available, it is hard to find accurate information about her. However, I tried to gather the below-given information from her social profiles:

  • Former Head of Digital Pakistan Program
  • Director, Product, Payments for Next Billion Users, Google
  • Country Manager – South Asia Emerging Markets. Google
  • Founder and Director, ClickDiagnostics, Inc.
  • Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Research Associate, First Consulting Group

Tania Aidrus Pakistan Biography – Early Life

The above given basic information might help you understand who Tania Aidrus Pakistan is. I addition, we would like to mention here that she spent her early life in Karachi, Pakistan where she completed her A-Level education.

Later in 1999, she left Pakistan for education and better job opportunities. Tania Aidrus spent most part of her life abroad working as Google Executive. However, as a Pakistani, she never forgets Pakistan and keeps contributing to its development.

Tania Aidrus Age

Her date of birth is 24 September for sure. As far as her age is concerned, few internet sources say she was born in 1980. As such she should be 40 plus.

Tania Aidrus Religion

As far as Tania Aidrus religion is concerned, she is Muslim by faith. Still, wondering who is Tania Aidrus Wikipedia religion? Well, most of the online users trust only authentic sources and one of them is Wikipedia so whatever they would like to confirm, they go for it.

Starting the First Company: ClickDiagnostics, Inc.

Due to the lack of Tania Aidrus Wikipedia Biography, the information about her is collected from social networks or interviews, etc. During her time at MIT, the study environment that was like a breeze of innovation helped her learned a lot of skills.

She met a fantastic group of students who were actually doing various degrees at MIT and Harvard and they all wanted to do something with healthcare and tech. Eventually, they started a company called ClickDiagnostics, Inc. The concept behind setting up ClickDiagnostics:

  • In villages when people needed medical advice, they had to waste tons of time to go to the cities for advice.
  • However, through an app or web portal like ClickDiagnostics, they can easily get diagnosed by doctors from the cities.
  • So the idea was to create a network that could be used to connect any doctor remotely anywhere in the world.

It was an exciting phase of her life as she was doing it for developing markets like Pakistan and Bangladesh. Unfortunately, the idea did not go very successfully as, during 2006-2007, mobile devices were not as common as they are today.

Education of Tania Aidrus

What is Tania Aidrus Education? She availed of her early education from a well-known academic institution in the country. According to Tania Aidrus profile on LinkedIn, she completed her bachelor’s in BSc from Massachusetts’ Brandeis University. According to The News International, MIT Sloan School of Management was her next step where she completed her MBA. While she was studying, she also prepared a case study about Pakistan.

In an interview conducted by Hum News, Tania Aidrus told some very interesting facts about her early life. When she was asked about her study journey to the US, she told it was never part of a big plan. She was always interested in technology but like most typical Pakistani families, Tania Aidrus father and mother also wanted her to become a doctor.

When she completed her A-Levels, she joined Dow Medical College in Karachi; however, she soon realized it was not her field of interest. Therefore, inspired by some of her classmates who had already moved to US colleges, she also applied for and ended up getting admission to Brandeis University.

Tania Aidrus Google Wikipedia

While she was working on the idea of ClickDiagnostics, she also did an internship at Google where she was offered a full-time job. Since she needed money to pay off college loans; she decided to accept a full-time job at Google and started from the Boston office.

Tania Aidrus worked at Google as an executive for many years and during those years, she was always loyal to Pakistan. Similarly, it is said that she always took every opportunity to represent her motherland all across the world.

Subsequently, as part of her job, she moved to Singapore in 2014 for the development of Google products in Pakistan and other neighboring countries.

Last Job and Responsibility at Google

After handing off the Pakistani business, Tania Aidrus moved to Google Pay which is a fantastic product and a huge opportunity globally. In her last position at Google, she was responsible for taking Google pay to the emerging markets globally. In 2019, Later she left her Google Job and moved to Pakistan to lead the digital Pakistan program that was launched by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan.

How Tania Aidrus Became Head of Digital Pakistan Program?

As part of her job, Tania Aidrus had interaction with the Pakistani Government concerning the promotion of Google Pay in Pakistan. Meanwhile, an email from an unknown source was sent to Prime Minister, Imran Khan recommending her name as a key player in the launching of the Digital Pakistan Program.

Since she was unaware of any such email, she was a little bit surprised when contacted by the PM reform team through email. Tania Aidrus’s interesting Journey from unknown-to-Known for Pakistanis goes like this:

  • An email received by Prime Minister Reform Team recommending her name.
  • Somebody from the reform team contacted her through email.
  • Taking it as a good opportunity to serve Pakistan, Tania replied to the email.
  • Some initial conversations took place for a few days or weeks.
  • The PM Reform Team introduced her to Mr. Jahangir Khan Tareen who asked about her ideas.
  • Tania Adrius shared her ideas through a well-prepared presentation.
  • At the request of Jahangir Khan Tareen, she came to Pakistan and shared her ideas with multiple people including President and Prime Minister.
  • After approval from Prime Minister Imran Khan, she was appointed as Head of the Digital Pakistan Program.

Tania Aidrus qualifications and experience with Google made her a perfect option to lead Digital Pakistan Campaign.

Who Actually Sent That Email to PM Reform Team?

It is still a mystery who sent that email. Though Tania Aidrus knows him/her very well from her Singapore circle, she did not disclose the name yet. However, she told, “he/she is a Pakistani”.  

Demotivators Did Their Job So Well!

What are you thinking? You have a set career, you have a perfect life. You have not lived in Pakistan for 20 years and you don’t know what happens there on a day-to-day basis.  The system will make you crazy and you would not be able to do it.

These were a few of the remarks Tania Aidrus had to bear while she was going to take one of the biggest decisions of her life by quitting Google’s Job. Some people like her family, close friends, and those who knew her for quite some time said: “follow your heart”.

Tania Aidrus Family

Tania Aidrus Wikipedia page has not been created yet and therefore, not much is known about Tania Aidrus family background so far. People also wonder about Tania Aidrus husband religion. Unfortunately, no information is available about this query.

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