Does Tania Aidrus have Secret Agenda in Pakistan

What’s Tania Aidrus Agenda in Pakistan?

Tania Aidrus, a very senior Google Executive, has set an example for Youngsters by quitting her Job for better future of Pakistan. In addition to her sacrifice, she has agreed to join hands with Prime Minister Imran Khan for success of digital Pakistan program.

PM has finally inaugurated Digital Pakistan Program on 5th of December 2019. Whereof Tania Aidrus’s experience with the digital giant Google would be highly useful for ensuring a massively digital Pakistan. Earlier this evening, the program launching ceremony was held at the PM office in capital city Islamabad.

Does Tania Aidrus have Secret Agenda in Pakistan?

While addressing the gathering at the PM house, Tania Aidrus revealed that people often asked her what’s her agenda in Pakistan and who she is connected politically. Tania clearly said her simple agenda is to seeing Pakistan grow prosperous.

Tania Aidrus clearly said her simple agenda is to seeing Pakistan grow prosperous.
Addressing at Digital Pakistan Inauguration Ceremony

Though, she launched various Google products in Pakistan, she was not satisfied with her contributions. However, when PTI government came into power, for the first time she felt that it is time to go back to country and do something even better.

Why is Tania Aidrus so bullish about opportunities in Pakistan?

During her speech at the PM house, Tania pointed out highly significant facts about Pakistan which made her so optimistic. Some of the facts are:

Young Population

Over 100 million Pakistani are under the age of 25. In the next 20 years, at least three young Pakistanis would replace one retiring professional. These three Pakistani are tech savvy and technology is part of their life.  

Low Tech Penetration

Technology penetration is quite lower in almost every industry which simply means lots of opportunities. Each and every industry has enough scope for technology penetration either it is local transport or payment system.

Large Internet User-Base

With over 70 million broadband connected users, Pakistan comes among the largest internet user-base in the world.

According to Tania Aidrus, Pakistan has everything that can make it a billion dollar IT industry.

What’s Government Role in Building Digital Pakistan?

Tania Aidrus said that government’s role is quite simple. The government just needs to do three simple things for growth of digital industry:

  • 1: Create an enabling environment
  • 2: Build digital building blocks
  • 3: Make policies that allow innovation

She further said we have identified five clear areas in which we need approved strategies from the very top level of the government. These areas are as follow:

  • Access and connectivity
  • Digital infrastructure
  • E government
  • Digital skilling and training
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

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