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Pakistani Women are changing the history in every field of human activities including Armed Forces Missions all across the world. One of the best examples of women’s power is Major Samia Rehman from Pakistan Army. She made the entire nation proud with her performance in UN missions.

United Nations has chosen Major Samia Rehman for decorating Special Representative of the Secretary-General Certificate for 2019.  The most significant thing about this achievement is that she is only female Pakistani officer who has achieved this honor. She received the certificate from Major-General Thierry Lion.

What is Special Representative of the Secretary-General Certificate?

According to Wikipedia, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General is a mission specialist who is usually appointed by UN Secretary-General. Noteworthy, the SRSG represents UN Secretary-General in meetings related to serious human rights disputes.

Major Samia Rehman Left Her Two Year Old Son Behind

You might know many MEN who left their families behind in Pakistan for better job opportunities abroad. Though they do it for their families, yet it is a tough decision to take. On the other hand, when it is about women, it becomes even more difficult to leave their children behind unless there is a noble cause. In the brave Pakistani army, our brave soldiers are ready to sacrifice everything for the love of the country and one of such great examples is MAJOR SAMIA REHMAN. She had a two-year-old kid when she left for the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo.

What Major Samia Rehman Does in Congo?

In Congo, MAJOR SAMIA REHMAN has served to ensure the protection of the civil population including children, old and sick people. This brave daughter of our country is working to provide humanitarian support for the Congolese communities. It is never easy to choose your job over your children but when it comes to the country, you do it. This is exactly what MAJOR SAMIA REHMAN did when she was appointed to restore peace for Congolese people. I tried to find Major Samia Rehman Wikipedia, unfortunately, I did not find it.

MAJOR SAMIA REHMAN says the children in Congo are trying too hard to find a brighter future beyond war and violence. When I looked at them, I decided to help them with their better future. Major Samia Rehman and her team is sharing happiness and hope with the people living in sub-Saharan Africa’s largest country which stands in entire Africa as the second-largest country. A population of 85 million people can’t be left at the mercy of extremist groups.

Major Samia Rehman Instagram Post

Serving in UN peacekeeping mission as a female solider is one of the greatest experiences of my life, Major Samia Rehman Instagram post says published by United Nations. Throughout the period of my appointment in UN mission, I got to understand how people feel when they live in a country deprived of its peace and prosperity.

Pakistan’s Undeniable Contributions in United Nation

UN Peacekeeping Missions are very important to restore peace in war-torn regions of the world. Hence, UN Peacekeepers have played a key role in monitoring and maintaining complex peace process after conflicts and wars. However, to perform operations, UN needs support from different countries in form of military as well as political influence.

1: Contribution

As far as the contribution from Pakistan is concerned, Pakistan has contributed military forces, paramilitary forces as well as police. Major Samia Rehman is one of those Pakistanis who have flown Pakistani Flag higher outside the country with their hard-work, dedication and professionalism.

2: Sacrifices

Pakistan Army has been contributing in United Nations Peacekeeping Missions for many years across the world. Though, a lot of soldiers have embraced shahadat during their duties, Pakistan has never stepped backward from the missions.

3: Achievement

Pakistan has been actively involved in United Nations Peacekeeping Missions since 1947. It has contributed in more than 70 major UN operations in various parts of the world. Besides, it is the third highest contributor of Armed Soldiers for United Nation.

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