Mesmerize Meaning is to Capture Someone's Attention

Mesmerize Meaning: Catch Someone’s Full Attention

If you are hearing the word mesmerize for the first time, you might like to know what is Mesmerize meaning.

Definition: Mesmerize Meaning is simple: capture someone’s complete attention .
Example: I was absolutely mesmerized by her imaginary story.

Mesmerize is simply a Word but it has got very strong meaning i.e catching someone’s attention. Therefore, a number of brands have used this “word” for their products. Here we can take the example of “Avon Body Spray”. Avon is a big name in industry and one of their popular product is Mesmerize Body Spray.

Brands Using the Word “Mesmerize”


Perfume: Avon, a very popular brand, has also introduced AVON Mesmerize Black Eau de Toilette Natural Spray which you can buy either from Avon or Amazon at very affordable price.

Let’s take another example of a “font family”


If you are a writer or a typist, you would love different types of fonts. Without any doubt, a great font would help a writer produce a great script or story. So you would surely love to give a try to Mesmerize font to mesmerize your readers.

Mesmerize Font part of sans-serif font family and basically, it is low x-height font type. Download the Mesmerize Font



What do you know about Mesmerizing Animations? If you love to create GIFs with After Effects and Photoshop, you would definitely like to learn about Create Mind-Bending GIFs with After Effects and Photoshop. Actually, there are some simple techniques which you can easily learn to create amazing GIF files. Visit SkillShare to learn more about Mesmerizing Animations.


As far as fashion industry is concerned, the word Mesmerize has got its place in there as well. For example, Mesmerize Holographic Strap Chunky Heels which is getting popular among young girls these days. You can buy the pair from gojane just in 16 USD.  

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